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What is a giclee print?
The term " Giclée print" (taken from a French word that means to paint with "spray") describes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans or from digital files and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The Giclée printing process provides better color accuracy and tonalities than other means of art reproduction. For more information about Giclée printing, click here.

How do you insure I receive a giclee print that matches my original?
We make every effort to match each print that comes from Oregon Fine Art Printing to the original. We start with careful color management processes from color balancing our monitors to setting proper color profiles on our scanners, cameras, fine art papers, and lastly our Epson 9900 printer. This will generally get us very close to perfect results but it is still often necessary to make a proof print and evaluate our print against the original under proper natural lighting conditions. If further adjustments to color or tonality are required, we then make those adjustments and often look at a 2nd proof to be certain. In many cases our clients tell us they cannot tell their original from our giclee on fine art paper.To do the absolute best job of producing a match, it is always best that we have the original art in our studio to compare to our print. 

Which fine art paper should I choose?
This largely comes down to how you want to display your art. If you want to wrap your art in a canvas wrap, then obviously you will need to use canvas paper that can be stretched and mounted in this manner. If you are framing your work then either the fine art paper or photographic art papers will work very well. Fine art papers often have a more textured surface than photographic papers and can be heavier to the touch. This however is often not noticeable when it is put behind glass. We have samples of all of our papers at our studio for you to look at should you need to look at it before you decide. Click here to read more about our print papers:
                    -photographic art papers
                    -fine art papers
                    -fine art canvas

Do I need to have my canvas prints sealed?
Canvas giclee prints are very sensitive to the elements and can be damaged easily before they have a coating applied to them. We coat all of our canvas prints to insure that they can better withstand fingerprints, moisture, dirt, and anything else they may encounter in transit or on your walls. 

Do I receive a discount for multiple images?
We always offer discounts for multiple prints of the same image. For large orders of all different images we will still try to offer some discount where we can. The set up time and editing of original pieces makes discounts more difficult. We will always provide our client a 15% discount if we do 3 or more prints of the same piece of art. 

Can I pick up my prints and avoid shipping?
Yes, you can always drop off and pick up your artwork and giclee prints. Please call ahead and schedule a time with us. 

Can I have black and white prints made as well as color?
Yes, our large format Epson printers have 11 separate inks with 4 different black inks alone to reproduce beautiful rich blacks and pure whites along with all of the subtle tonalities in between. We very frequently reproduce black and white ink drawings and photographs.

If my original is larger than 32x40 can I still have it duplicated?
Absolutely! We regularly work with paintings that are over 4' on a side. These paintings are carefully placed onto a specially designed wall mount and photographed in high resolution under special color controlled studio lighting. When the images are ready for printing at their original size onto canvas, they are typically 500 to 1000 megabytes in size. The detail we can put onto our canvas giclées with these files often makes then nearly indistinguishable from the original artwork.